The American Burlesque Collection is a boutique museum dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the art of the tease.  Through use of artifacts, costumes, personal documents, and multimedia presentations, we shine a spotlight on differing aspects of this uniquely American performing art.

The self-guided tour typically takes 60-90 minutes.  The museum was designed with physical distancing in mind and capacity is limited to provide for everyone's health and safety.

We strongly recommend getting your tickets in advance.


The oldest piece in the Collection is a stone lithograph poster from the 1890s for a show called The Broadway Burlesquers, featuring the “original” 3 Dunbar Sisters. It  measures about 42” x 81” or about four times the size of a modern movie poster. And if we could afford to frame it, you could be looking at it on our wall right now instead of reading this plea.

Even with the generous support of our friends at Nor’East FrameWorks, framing this lovely (but  gigantic) piece was out of our budget.  But we really want you to see it so we are asking you to donate what you can so we can safely display this historic piece.

It costs almost $1,000 to mat and frame this oversized poster.  If you donate any  amount, you get our thanks. If you donate $50.00 or more, your name will be listed by the poster and you’ll be invited to the unveiling.


At the museum opening, a very kind person came forward and said that she would match ever donation made towards framing this on a dollar for dollar basis! So now your $10 donation is $20, your $25 donation gets us $50, etc.!